Do you love the smell of Lavender

If you love the smell of lavender as much as I do, take advantage of these products from Lavender World.

The best part is you don’t need to spend a lot of money on these plants because they can be grown from seedlings or cuttings from existing plants.

The internet has made it possible to order dried lavender plants and have them shipped right to your door. You can also find oils and scented products that are infused with the essence of lavender, so you can bask in its aroma wherever you are.

One such store is Lavender World they include everything from oils to plants, come in a range of prices so you can find something perfect for your budget—or just go all-out and indulge yourself! And if you want to grow your own lavender plants, you can buy these straight from the store.


You can pick up this great kit for just £19.99

Box contents includes:

  • Lavender Linen Spray
  • Yorkshire Lavender Oil – Rollerball
  • Yorkshire Lavender Slumber Gel


Not only do they provide some great products on their website but you can also purchase your very own Lavender Plants HERE

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