Fathers Day 2020 Top 3 Gifts

Well with Fathers day fast approaching you’ll need to be thinking about what to get the old man.

Normally it’ll be I don’t need anything but in our hearts we we know.

So lets look at our top 3 Father’s Day gifts:

3:My Town Jigsaw Puzzle:
This is a fantastic gift of your local area, if you are really proud of where you live.
This will give a birds eye view of home and the surrounding area.


2:Digital Tape Measure
Here’s one for the DIY expert, an electronic tape measure.
This is a 5meter tape with a LCD screen so you can read the the measurement correctly. This also comes with a hold key to save the data.


1: Host Beer Freeze Cooling Cup
We all love a beer every now and then, why not treat your dad to this Beer Freeze Cooling Cup.
2 hours in the freezer then it’s ready to keep your beer nice and cold.